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Undergraduate Courses

Specialized Courses  

History of Modern International Relations 3 Credits
Comparative Politics 3 Credits
Introduction to International Security 3 Credits
Contemporary Western Political Thought 3 Credits
International Organizations 3 Credits
Introduction to International Relations Theory 3 Credits
Fundamentals of Social Science Statistics 3 Credits



Selected English Language IR Readings 2 Credits
Science, Technology and International Security 3 Credits
American Politics and Foreign Policy 3 Credits
Foreign Policy 3 Credits
Chinese Foreign Policy 3 Credits
Japanese Studies 3 Credits
International Relations Classic Writings 3 Credits
International Economic Law 3 Credits
History of Modern International Relations 3 Credits
Introduction to International Political Economy 3 Credits
Contemporary Sino-US Relations 3 Credits
Theory and Practice of Democracy and Rule of Law 3 Credits
Area Studies 2 Credits
Practice of Foreign Policy 2 Credits
Chinese Government and Politics 2 Credits
War and Peace Studies 2 Credits
Introduction to International Relations 2 Credits
Introduction to Non-Traditional Security 2 Credits
Security and Economics 2 Credits